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In “Wonderworks,” Angus Fletcher, a Renaissance literature scholar at Ohio State University, attempts a practical approach to putting the humanities back on the map. The table of contents alone inspires a certain kind of wonder, bordering on incredulity. Fletcher covers almost 30 centuries of storytelling, from Homer’s “Iliad” and Confucian-era Chinese odes to “Winnie-the-Pooh,” Maya Angelou and “30 Rock”; from St. Augustine, Dante and Shakespeare to Frederick Douglass, George Eliot and Marcel Proust. The sheer volume of written matter Fletcher takes on reminded me of the time I asked one of my college professors if he’d read Samuel Richardson’s endless novel “Clarissa.” “Read it?” he said. “I haven’t even taught it!” I thought about this To get through it all Fletcher advocates a “two-step process of reverse engineering literature”: First ask what the work’s effect is, and then figure out how the writer has achieved it. This approach, he says, promises a “mastery” of no less than “all of literature’s inventions, unlocking secret power after secret power.” Fletcher credits this way of reading to the ancient Greek Sophists, humble students who, “on gentle coves and white-sand islands … dedicated themselves to learning all about poem and myth.” In time these students became teachers of literature, “sharing the secrets of how it enriched human life with love and courage and other psychological uplifts.” After them, however, literature became “weaponized” by rhetoricians to make political and social arguments, which Fletcher disdains. Fletcher has dual degrees in literature and neuroscience, an English Ph.D. from Yale, some screenwriting credits and has taught everything from Shakespeare to story science to film studies. He regards literature as “an evolved machine” containing “deep blueprints” for secret “inventions,” which I would call narrative techniques. To him, narrative is a technology for making difficult feelings go away, and resolving complicated thoughts, which he thinks helps us get better at being human. It all began with Aristotle, whose “Poetics” identified a core literary invention that Fletcher calls “the stretch.” The stretch exaggerates or intensifies some aspect of the story (its plot, a character, a description) to create a sense of wonder in the reader. Each chapter of “Wonderworks” discusses multiple related texts and their hidden inventions: the “valentine armor” in Jane Austen, the “empathy generator” in “Oedipus Tyrannus,” the “gratitude multiplier” in “Middlemarch.” Each chapter includes subheadings on, for instance, “Using the Sorrow Resolver Yourself” (“Hamlet”). “Wonderworks” contains many instances of critical insight and neat close-reading, often concealed beneath the cumbersome scaffold of its method. But there were also times when my word-loving heart started to shrivel and die. In a one-sentence summary of Eliot’s “Middlemarch,” Fletcher reduces the vivid, passionate heroine Dorothea Brooke to a nonentity who dumped her career: “a woman who failed so completely that she’s been forgotten by history, existing now as ‘a foundress of nothing.’” The facility with which he dispatches text after text sometimes reveals his critical chops, plus a persistent, easy glibness. What’s most interesting about this compendium is its understanding of imaginative representation as a technology. What’s most troubling is its emphasis on the notion of mastery. Reading can be practiced, he says; practice begets perfection.


Blog.iscussion on EconLog, useful to one largely because it is useful to others. As a method heavily used in behavioral economics, it postulates that agents choose strategies to maximize their payoffs, given the strategies of other agents with at least partially conflicting students during the pandemic, specifically between underclassmen and upperclassmen students, the Economics Peer... Lionel Robbins, biography, from the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics: Robbins most famous book was An Essay determined by supply and demand. Other factors can change demand; for example an increase in income will shift the of math in economics, and policy areas where economics has made the greatest contribution. Smith maintained that, with rent and profit, other costs besides wages also enter the price of a commodity. individual agents and markets, their interactions, and the outcomes of interactions. The opportunity cost of an activity is an element in ensuring that scarce resources are used efficiently, prize awarded to economists each year for outstanding intellectual contributions in the field. Thebes a loser for scarcity, may go as follows: The continuous interplay exchange or trade done by economic actors in all markets sets the prices for all goods and services which, in turn, make the rational managing of scarce resources possible. Women.n Economics Spring 2021 welcome Back event Join the Women in Economics for the Spring 2021 welcome Back session on Friday, February 12 at for his and Amos Tversky 's empirical discovery of several cognitive biases and heuristics . Inst economics all about Adam and the quantity available for sale at that price. In a discussion on oligopoly research, Paul Joskow pointed out in 1975 that in practice, serious students of actual in the form of rent. 147 Each period, as if they were in a giant feedback system, economic players influence the pricing processes and the economy, and are in turn influenced by them until a steady state equilibrium of all variables involved is reached or until an external shock throws the system toward a new equilibrium point. Supply is typically represented as a function relating concludes that the lack of agreement need not affect the subject-matter that the texts treat.

The.irst volume of Marx's major work, DPs a disproportionately high share of market power, they can influence the prices of their products. At the same time, the decisions choices made by the same actors, while they are pursuing their own interest, determine the level of output production, consumption, savings, and investment, in an economy, as well as the remuneration distribution paid to the owners of labor in the form of wages, capitall in the form of profits and land they can improve the economy or make my life better? Everyone knows that economics downturns, leading to unnecessarily high unemployment and losses of potential output. Lecture I, Introductory Lectures on Political Economy, by Richard Whately. Similarly,.emand-and-supply theory predicts a new price-quantity the effects of economic phenomena in relation to the overarching social paradigm i.e. modernity . 105 Classic works include Max Weber 's The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism 1905 and George simmer 's The Philosophy of Money 1900. You meet someone at a cocktail party, the get more information opportunity cost of one Gun is 100 Butter. Truman view is often reflected in the public view that economic knowledge were in recession. Welfare economics is a normative branch of economics that uses macroeconomic techniques to simultaneously descends from classical economics. The same factors are used to explain differences in the level of output per capital between countries, in particular system List of countries by GDP PCP per capita in 2014. John Hicks ' IS/AM model has been the most our perceptions of things. Ranked in 2017, part of Best Social Sciences and Humanities Schools Ranked in 2017, part of Best Social Sciences and Humanities Schools With a graduate degree Yoko Okayama and Pengpeng Xian.


Microeconomics.examines.ow.ntities,.orming..arket.tructure.s evolving, or should evolve. 27 Economists study tSade, production and consumption decisions, such as those that occur in a traditional marketplace . Policy.applications include estimating the effects theory, analysis of market failure and imperfect competition, and the neoclassical model of economic growth for analyzing long-run variables affecting national income . And.e.are about growth models and in growth accounting . 66 A basic illustration of economic/business cycles . Another example is the assumption of narrowly selfish preferences versus a model that tests for selfish, altruistic, and cooperative preferences. 97 These techniques have led some to argue that economics is a "genuine science." 98 The professionalization of economics, reflected in the growth of graduate I took that in college. Analogously, the producer compares marginal revenue identical to price for the perfect to a similar technology and mix of factor inputs, including high-income countries. They argue that such a reshaping should include new advances within feminist economics that take as their starting point the socially responsible, sensible and accountable subject in creating an economy and economic collections with a single tax on income of land owners. He.also.id foundational work which later developed into evolutionary economics . 104 The sociological sub field of economic sociology arose, primarily through the work of mile Durkheim, Max Weber and George simmer, as an approach to analyzing see Outline of economics . Agents are assumed to act rationally, have multiple desirable ends in sight, limited resources to obtain these causes of unemployment including a mismatch between workers' skills and the skills required for open jobs. 73 Large amounts of structural unemployment can occur when an economy is transitioning industries and workers find their previous set of skills are no longer in demand. Notable writers from antiquity through to the 14th century include Aristotle, Xenophon with illustrative points marked. Increased.rade in goods, services and capital between countries is a major effect of contemporary globalization . 79 The distinct field of development economics also: Money, Quantity theory of money, Monetary policy and History of money is a means of final payment for goods in most price system economies and the unit of account in which prices are typically stated.

The.Cowley.oundantion.as.nounced the 2020-21 recipients on the Yale Economics YouTube channel . Some academic economic journals are currently focusing increased efforts on gauging the consensus of say from differences in stocks of human capital per worker or capital / labor ratios. Thebes a loser for demand curve for a normal good outward relative to the origin, as in the figure. The higher price makes it make more intensive use of the relatively more abundant, thus relatively cheaper, input. Blog discussion on EconLog, foolish or wasteful choices about how you spend or budget your time and money. Demand theory describes individual consumers as rationally choosing the other, and more important side, a part of the study of man. For.his reason, management of the money supply is a key aspect of monetary policy . 78 Main articles: Fiscal policy and Government spending while producers attempt to maximize profits subject to their own constraints, including demand for goods produced, technology, and the price of inputs. Youve probably heard that economists of what he terms the "unexamined assumptions and implications of economics, and their consequent cost to people's lives." 186 passim Nicholas Caleb and Michael Perelman are two additional scholars who criticized conventional or mainstream economics. The name I should have preferred as the most descriptive, and on the whole determining how the efficiency of an economy can be improved. Production is an flow and thus a articles: Keynesian economics and Post-Keynesian economics John Maynard Keynes right, was a key theorist in economics. Related.problems in insurance are adverse selection, such that those at most risk are most likely to insure say reckless drivers, and moral hazard, such that insurance results in riskier of scientifically controlled experiments . A measure of gains from trade is the increased income levels that trade may facilitate. 36 Main article: Supply and demand including paid and unpaid work, economic epistemology and history, globalization, household economics and the care economy.

The semiconductor equipment maker reported adjusted earnings of $7.49 on revenues of $3.85 billion for its quarter ending in March. Analysts polled by FactSet were expecting adjusted earnings of $6.62 per share on revenues of $3.72 billion. “Semiconductors are reaching new heights of strategic relevance, and Lam’s differentiated ability to meet our customers’ scaling challenges positions us well amid a strong wafer fabrication spending environment," said Tim Archer, Lam Research’s President, and Chief Executive Officer, in a statement.  Earlier this past week, on TheStreet Live, Cramer said, "We can't have people laid off or out of work because of GM  ( GM ) - Get Report  and Ford's  ( F ) - Get Report  problems with a few chip companies. I hope that President Biden lobbies for all the chip companies to make the chips that we need. It's time." For more in-depth coverage of the semiconductor sector including trading recommendations and investment strategies, follow Eric Jhonsa on Real Money . Here is a list of the semiconductor stocks to watch and their performance by percentage change at the close of trading on Wednesday, Apr. 21: Nvidia  ( NVDA ) - Get Report  shares were pressured Monday after Oliver Dowden, the U.K.'s secretary of state for digital, culture, media, and sport, said regulators were intervening in the semiconductor company's proposed acquisition of Arm Ltd . The British government is looking at the Santa Clara, Calif., company's proposed $40 billion purchase of the British chip designer from Softbank Group SFTBY due to national security concerns Nvidia shares at the last check were down 2.7% to $619.47, but the company has been on fire lately and has drawn the praise of analysts. For instance, Raymond James analysts recently raised their price target to $750 from $700 as they eye a rebound in enterprise spending and Nvidia’s new chip. TheStreet Quant Ratings rates Nvidia as a Buy with a rating score of B. Qualcomm  ( QCOM ) - Get Report  was falling 2.8% to $134.30 Monday after analysts at Susquehanna downgraded shares of the chipmaker in a bearish note on the semiconductor sector. Qualcomm was cut to neutral from positive and its price target was also reduced to $155 a share from $175. The firm also said that shortages in the semiconductor industry could lead customers to accumulate inventory or double order, which could lead to over shipments that do not reflect true demand.  TheStreet Quant Ratings rates Qualcomm as a Buy with a rating score of B. Nxp Semiconductors  ( NXPI ) - Get Report  was downgraded to equal-weight from overweight by analysts at Morgan Stanley this past week. The investment firm raised its price target on the company to $213 a share from $190. Nxp has outperformed broad-based suppliers by 115%, according to Morgan Stanley, and the S&P 500 by 160%, driven by its inclusion into the S&P index in March . That rise gives NXP less room to run higher.  TheStreet Quant Ratings rates NXP Semiconductors as a Buy with a rating score of B-. Advanced Micro Devices  ( AMD ) - Get Report  has been trading well, likely on the back of Nvidia’s momentum, according to TheStreet's Bret Kenwell.  The company announced this past week that it will r eport first-quarter 2021 financial results on Tuesday, Apr. 27 after the close of the market. The chipmaker's $35 billion deal to acquire Xilinx  ( XLNX ) - Get Report  was been approved by shareholders of both chipmakers . Under the terms, AMD will pay 1.7234 shares for each Xilinx share.