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An IRS audit starts with a letter being Overall, less than 1% of total returns filed were audited in 2018, the year in which the latest data is available, says Daniel Bernard, an associate attorney with Twomey, Latham, Shea, Kelley, Dubin & Quartararo in Riverhead. Some types of returns are audited more than others. For example, approximately 0.64% of personal returns were audited in 2018, but approximately 8% of estate tax returns were audited that year. “The chance of audit has actually been going down over the last 10 years,” Bernard says. "The IRS is very secretive about their audit selection process." But taxpayers with higher incomes, $1 million to $5 million, had an approximately 2% chance of being audited in 2018, and taxpayers with an income over $10 million had approximately a 6% chance of being audited in 2018. So, assuming you did not rake in millions of dollars last year, your chances are pretty good of getting a pass in the audit department. However, if you do find yourself facing an audit, here’s what to expect from the process.  An IRS audit starts with a letter being sent to your place of residence or business. “The IRS will never contact you by telephone. There are fraudsters telephoning taxpayers stating they owe large tax debt and then ask for the Social Security number. The IRS will never ask for your Social Security number over the phone,” says Nichole Heid, enrolled agent and accountant with Rosedale & Drapala CPAs in Wantagh. Audits are either by mail or in person. About 70% of IRS audits were done by mail in 2018, says Bernard. This is called an “Correspondence Audit,” in which the IRS requests additional information to be mailed in. A common example is a notice CP2000, which is generated when an item claimed on the tax return doesn’t match the source documents reported to the IRS. The latest LI business news in your inbox Monday through Friday. By clicking Sign up, you agree to our privacy policy . The second level is an “Office Audit.” The documentation required may be extensive, so the IRS will request your appearance at the closest IRS office. The third and most severe level of an audit is a “field audit.” A letter will be sent to you with the contact information of the agent handling the audit and an appointment is made for the agent to appear on premise of the residence or place of business, explains Heid. Although the IRS does not have a requirement that a taxpayer hire an attorney or CPA to represent them in any level of audit or tax controversy, including in tax court, this may not be the time for DIY. "You want the assistance of a tax professional who knows the tax laws and the process,” says CPA Anthony Viola of KVLSM in Woodbury. After the initial contact and the first appointment is set, get your documents together. The IRS agent will provide you with a laundry list of items to review that relate to the audit.

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More than anything, many locals object to being subject to these ecological risks for a power plant that’s not actually providing them needed electricity in return. Greenidge Generation vigorously denies that its plant is having an adverse impact on the environment. It also claims it’s once again producing power for the grid. “Greenidge is a unique success story,” Mike McKeon, a lobbyist and crisis communicator retained by Greenidge, told Grist in a statement. “Today, Greenidge is a clean, reliable source of power for thousands of homes and businesses in upstate New York and is home to a new data processing center mining bitcoin that is already paying enormous dividends to our community at large.” In response to concerns about impingement and entrainment in the cooling system, Greenidge has said that the risk is mitigated by variable speed drives recently installed on the facility’s water pumps, which lower the speed of water intake—making it easier for fish to swim away and escape. Those drives, however, can be turned off whenever the plant needs maximum water flow. Greenidge also affirmed that it is on schedule to install protective screens by 2022. As for the effect of hot water discharges on fisheries, the company counters that the designated Keuka Lake Outlet trout area is upstream from Greenidge and won’t be affected. However, although there are specific fishing regulations upstream from the Greenidge discharge canal, the  lower part of the Outlet  is also  a designated trout stream ; this explanation also does not account for the trout that live in Seneca Lake itself. The company’s response to residents’ concerns about HABs is to say  there were no HABs within 4 miles  of the plant last year, so it couldn’t possibly cause them. However, as Boyer told me, the number of HABs was down across the region in 2020, likely because of high winds over the summer. He explained HABs only explode when all necessary conditions are met, so this one data point doesn’t prove Greenidge won’t help cause them in the future. Finally, Greenidge reiterated that its activities are all within the limits set by its permits from the DEC and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, which determine how much water the plant can withdraw and discharge and at what temperatures, as well as the plant’s air emissions limits. The DEC verified that Greenidge is in compliance with its permits and insisted that it “strictly oversees” the plant’s activities. Greenidge often boasts that these permits are “ uniquely strong .” How Greenidge received those “uniquely strong” permits is a point of longstanding interest to Peter Mantius, a journalist who resides in Watkins Glen, a town at the southern tip of Seneca Lake. Mantius has been covering Atlas Holdings and Greenidge since at least 2017, carefully documenting  their sustained lobbying of state officials , as well as  contributions to Andrew Cuomo’s reelection campaigns  totaling at least $120,000. Atlas’ lobbying began in 2013, before the firm even bought the plant. Through the law firm Hiscock Barclay, Atlas enlisted a lawyer who had previously been the general counsel at the DEC.